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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Regina del Dramma

I only mention it but life’s a bit on the exhausting side of late. How so? You know, brain surgery delayed by dental issues. All of this has been complicating and slowing my endless efforts to rehab so's I can walk, travel and otherwise function semi-normally again.
I’ve done precious fucking little since last Monday’s teef removal production and that’s okay. Really! Yesterday I took not one but TWO naps and still managed to sleep (mostly) through the night. Huh, waddyaknow. I guess that just proves my hypothesis (to me, who was, possibly, the only one needing to be convinced) that the accumulated weight of all my health bullshit is roughly equivalent to lugging around a 270 pound sack of greasy Cheato entrails all day, every day for the past four years. I guess I needed the rest (DUH).

The dental surgery was just:

  • The penultimate straw which has been threatening to bust this water buffalo’s back?
  • The silver bullet that might pierce this werewolf’s heart?
  • My Waterloo? My Rubicon?
  • The, maybe, next-to-last payment to Charon before he floats me across the River Styx?
  • The desiccated cherry on top of my surgery sundaes?

No, sorry, that’s all just TOO drama queeny, even for me. Shockingly, even I have an upper ceiling vis-à-vis hyperbole.

Today’s a new day. I will attempt a seawall walk (this time for sure!).

pics by Jen

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