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Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Triking

It was a feverish, blistering hot weekend here in Valhalla with Sunday’s temps hitting a red hot 90º. Yes, I’m well aware that, in Phoenix, that’s the low end of the day’s heat scale. I’m in bloody New England though—I have cause to whine!

In addition to hiding out in an arctically chilled cinema, I went for trike rides. I'd a vain hope of catching a good, brisk breeze. Nope—none to be had. OK, the other reason for cycling on such an oppressively torrid day is that I’m feeling a mite behind. That is, I’ve a new penpal who also has Nf2 and also trikes. She does 10-18 miles PER DAY! Moi? If I do 12, well, boyhowdy, I’ve had a banner outing. Half that’s about the norm. I’ve simply got to catch up.

Yes, yes, yez, there are rock firm reasons why I’m not in peak form yet:
  • My first trike was, essentially, a fixie. I blew out my knees pedaling up the hills around here and had to rehab those suckers.
  • The roads were kinda sorta really wicked SNOWY this past winter.
 So then, my knees are OK now, there’s no damn snow on the roads AND I’ve that glorious new trike (with gears!) so I’ve got to ride, ride, ride! I may not get to take my Isle of Skye Trike Adventure Trip until next spring but I WILL get there.

Here's another cool thing about my new chum—she's been riding longer than me and knows more about trikes. I was bemoaning the fact that I can't do back trails with my ride—the wheels are for street riding not rough terrain. How can I trike the Hebridean Trail?

Does anyone even make mountain trike tires? My friend knew the answer and it's YES! Ice Trikes makes a beast called the Full Fat. Babies, this is a mean, stone beauty! Yes, it's wickedly expensive BUT, who knows, maybe one day there'll be enough shekels in my piggybank. If it doesn't fold, I could get a roof rack for Bix. Dunno how I'd get it to Lochboisdale and the start of the Trail but, ya know, baby steps and I'll get there,

In the meantime, I need to head up to Anderson Bicycle today for a ride maps. It's time for me to fold my yellow baby up, stow it in Bix and check out new roads, fresh views.

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