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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Bathroom BS

All this bullshit about bathrooms – not allowing transgendered individuals to use the can that matches their current versus birth identity –  is nothing more than a grotesque distraction from the real shit show. Ya know, get everyone obsessed over the scary, heinous other so we don't notice the hand in our pockets, the abuses of power (and children!!!), the stone, serial hypocrisy. It’s a ploy to distract us poor rubes while they gull us into voting against our own interests.

Meanwhile, the likely Republican candidate for Prez has promised to get rid of gun-free zones around the schools our children attend, defund Planned Parenthood, kill the spouses and children of “our enemies,” bring back waterboarding and “go further,” eliminate the Affordable Care Act, establish a “deportation force,” ban all Muslims from entering the country and this, THIS is just the tip of the iceberg. He’s promoting precisely the opposite of what this country supposedly stands for.

Amongst Trump’s biggest supporters are the white nationalist neanderthals (not to diss neanderthals, mind you).
Taylor said he prefers to be called a "white advocate" rather than a white nationalist or white supremacist.
//snort// of course he prefers "white advocate"— it's all about proper branding, amirite?

And still, otherwise intelligent, seemingly nice people are planning to vote for the short fingered vulgarian.

I saw one of those stupid, lying-ass memes on Facebook yesterday. It had a pic of Prince with a a fake quote where he claims to be a Republican because, ya know, HARD WORK and shit.

A) Never happened – he didn’t say that. Check Snopes before using a beloved dead celebrity to  speak your words, your prejudices. K?
We found no record of Prince's ever expressing a devotion to the Republican Party. In fact, while researching Prince's political views, we found that the musician supported a wide range of political views, and (like the rest of his life and his career) could not be described as fitting into any one specific political category or party.
B) Republicans seem to think that liberals want everything for free but this seems to be a case of MEGA projection.

Fer example, Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church and all those other grifting, greed-headed god raping big box christianist preachers don’t pay taxes but yeah, they keep fucking that Reagan lie about welfare queens and T-bone steaks.

Sure, sure, Osteen does a winky, winky I won’t say what my politics are but, well, you’d have to be wholly unconscious, 24/7 not to know.
Our general message speaks to staying in peace and being respectful and staying full of joy and staying positive," he tells "I don't get specific about the politics, but our core message deals with [how] every day, you have to choose to be happy; you have to overlook things that are done wrong and things that are said." (source)
Ignore the crimes against humanity, the way our acts and speech go against that holy bible we promote and just bliss out – stay happy in your ignorance of the world around you and keep on voting against your own interests. It’s what the baby Jeebus would want!

Oh and mebbe you could check out the very successful corporations who pay less taxes than the average American and, in some cases they pay none at all. Here's just a few:
  •     Doll-maker Mattel, which has paid zero federal income taxes over the past five years,     received a tax rebate of $46 million in 2014.
  •     The financial services corporation Prudential avoided all federal income taxes on its $3.5 billion in U.S. profits in 2014.
  •     Ryder System, which provides truck rentals and services, paid a negative 0.3 percent federal income tax rate in 2014 and over the past five years a negative 0.5 percent rate.
  •     California-based utility PG&E had negative tax rates both in 2014 and over the five-year period.
Wealthy taxpayers are way more likely to benefit from tax breaks than average or lower income individuals or families. Ten of the largest tax breaks that together totaled more than $750 billion in tax savings in 2013 overwhelmingly benefited the top 1 percent of households, with 17 percent of the benefits going to those top earners. (source)
I just love facts.

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