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Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Grey Zone

My brain’s in the grey zone this morning, I can’t remember last night’s dreams (but have the sense that they were somehow important!) AND I suspect there’s not enough coffee in the world to get me moving this morning. I know, I know, I’m a morning person – it’s true. Rilly. “Morning Person” status does NOT, however, mean that I’m bright eyed and manic at 5AM – oh, no, no, fuck no.

I get up, rustle up Coco and Ghost Cat’s brekkie, fire up the java drip, deal with the dishwasher and any stray crockery sitting in the sink and then I sit down to read the morning news. If I’ve any pressing design/layout projects, I leap right into them. I’m, basically in auto mode – low level functioning versus bouncing off the walls, hitting the gym and/or being any kind of a social wiz-bang. (That is, apart from Jen and Oni, I really don't do people before my first cuppa)

You might be thinking, Why not sleep later? Can’t. I don’t. It’s not a choice. Perhaps you think my precious kitten Coco's at fault here? Damn cat wakes you up – just shut the bedroom door.
A) HOW CRUEL! I could NEVAH! My bedroom is hers too!
B) Yeah, no. Coco seems to have skipped the Waking Your Doormat class in kitten college. While she does come to bed and climb on top of me at an obscenely early hour, she does nothing more. Nada. There’s no paw to the cheek, no nose to nose Wake-The-Fuck-Up action, she doesn’t pull the covers off me like her dearly departed brother. Nope, she patiently waits on my tum-tum until I flick the light switch and announce to her “OK, OK, I’m up.” At this point, she races down the stairs and waits, patiently again, by her food bowl. 
Yes, she’s the absolute sweetest little thing. It’s true. Having said that, sometimes I miss Sargent Rocco's practically militaristic wake up calls.

My goal is to get up and go directly(ish) to the Y – you know, before I’m awake enough to endlessly postpone the much needed work out.
  • The bathroom needs to be cleaned. 
  • I gotta do laundry. 
  • I’ll read just one more chapter. 
  • The bedroom tree mural needs more blossoms. 
  • Gotta water TAB and Rocco
  • Is there enough cat food, treats and litter in the house? Maybe I should hit the grocery.
Yep, I got a zillion excuses, REASONS. Mind you, six out of seven days, I do put this tired old bod through its paces. Honest. Getting there's a hellish struggle though.

Why can’t exercise be fun though?

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