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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Coupla Things

A) Looting isn’t protesting. Looting during protests can be due to many things – check out this excellent post at the Atlantic Monthly – but it ain’t the same as peaceful protesting. DON’T confuse or conflate the two!

An excerpt from that Atlantic article:
Some looters, meanwhile, aren’t affiliated with protesters’ causes at all. Instead, they seize the moment to cause chaos and destruction. This might be what’s happening in videos where white people can be seen knocking out windows and ransacking businesses.
B) As of yesterday more than 100 attendees of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally have tested positive for COVID-19.
So far, state health departments have reported 103 cases in South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming and Washington, according to the AP                  .
And how many innocent people did they infect with Trump’s Plague once they got home?

Here, in Shit Has Hit the Fanville 15 people, so far (Oni, Jen's other co-workers, their families and tech workers who came in to work on the machines), have tested positive for Plague45. How many people were in contact with the infected, contagious workers and family members before Taint Man became symptomatic and confessed?
Random squid – yur welcome

This is all goin' down because one rat-licker (the company’s owner actually) just HAD to go to a big indoor party in New Hampshire and NOT quarantine or bother to get tested on his return to Massachusetts.

Dipshit Dude isn’t a completely asymptomatic carrier anymore BUT his case is especially mild (unlike the maladies he inflicted on his very own wife and kids). Amongst other uttered idiocies, he was stunned that children could get it AND he said he didn’t really think COVID was that big of a deal since he didn’t know anyone who’d had it. He did, however. A long term employee’s father DIED from it. He knew this.

One employee, the production manager – who also didn’t take COVID seriously, had the notoriously unreliable rapid response test. It came back “negative.” So now, it’s just the Trumplican company owner and PM attempting to do the work of 12 and, I hear tell, they’re doing it quite badly.

 The Board of Health is all over Typhoid Ted's callous, stupid ass now which is great. His response was not gratitude for the how-to-clean-up-the-shitpool-I've-created-and-save-my-biz info but to kvetch “someone musta dropped a dime on me.”


Jesus Dude, what are you? Some two bit crack dealer? He’s so drunk on 45's COVID lies that he doesn’t understand contact tracing.

One worker has already quit – how many will follow. I’m betting on most. I wouldn’t be surprised if this hack brained, fuckwadian excuse for a biz owner gets hit with a class action suit for, at the damn least, endangering the lives of all his employees, their families and friends.

I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with a lot of pleasure.


  1. A very important point. I don't even criticize violence in all cases -- George Floyd and Jacob Blake were subjected to violence -- but looting and vandalism directed at innocent third parties is never a legitimate form of protest. If the police rough me up, that doesn't give me the right to come to your house and smash up all your stuff when you had nothing to do with it.

    I hadn't heard that about the Sturgis attendees, but feel zero surprise about it.

    That dingbat company owner must have worked mighty hard on staying so misinformed about covid-19. It will serve him right if his business collapses and he gets sued into oblivion.

  2. The company owner, who'd previously masked his Trumpism, TOTALLY exposed himself with this mindblowing (to me and MOST of his employees anyway) willful, obstinate ignorance. Ffs, we have a Republican governor and he's not even this stupid!