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Wednesday, March 3, 2021


I’ve just noticed this thing on ShoutyFace – a streaming list of pics, names and, sometimes, workplaces of people to whom I can send “friend” requests. Sometimes this unknown person and I have mutual “friends.” Sometimes no. I don’t really get it but, then, I’m old – there’s a solid fuck-ton I don’t ‘get’ about social media.

I do know that the bird app is different. ShoutyFace is more about people you actually know or want to know or are friends of friends. Twitter is just about seeing interesting, funny and/or acerbic squiblets posted by, generally, celebs, authors and other wits.

Fer instance, I follow John Scalzi, George Takei, Imani Gandy and a shit-ton of political journos. Do I know any of them personally? Fuck no!

On ShoutyFace I’ve never met, live and in person, Chris, Lotte, Alan or Mark but we’ve commented, even conversed, on each other’s posts. I consider these folks actual friends.

The point? They were friends of friends – that’s how we connected.

On the Bird, I check before following someone who’s followed me first. If they post fascist or misogynistic shit – NOPE! On ShoutyFace, I’ll either check in with our mutual chum, if I don’t know them, I'll review their page (if I can access it) or delete the request. Why delete? I’m not looking for numbers. I understand that there are folks who brag on “I’ve got xxx number of followers/“friends” on Facebook/Twitter!” Yeah, that ain’t me mes amis.

Sometimes I get lazy and just accept the “friend” request and I ALWAYS get burnt. This latest burn was pretty hilarious though. Some dude sends a request. No mutual friends. His profile pic is him with a bunch of other people, all in scrubs. I figure he’s a nurse, maybe reads this here blog and is not a dick. Wrong-o! Really, I should've known.
the pic also shows him with a mustache but NO beard. Yeah, dude looked like a '70s era porn "actor."

Immediately after accepting the request, I get a one word direct message saying “hello.” Now, as you may know, I’ve been a wee bit overwhelmed of late and am NOT up to doing any social heavy lifting. If you’re introducing yourself, give me something to go on. WHY should I reply to your message? I get, over the next 24 hours, three more single word, hello, DMs. Now, I’m still ignoring and about to unfriend because, fer fuck’s sake:

  • ShouytFace is NOT a dating app
  • AND my profile clearly says I’m shackin’ up with someone so this dude is either illiterate or just too dim to get on this ride EVAH!

Then I get another DM saying “ Your (sic) stupid” and “ why did you send me a friend request.” I didn't and, obvs, this fella's a stone charmer. I really should have known.

I was so tempted to reply, taking him apart, bit by bit, but I resisted. Why? Don’t feed the trolls or dumbfucks. Ultimately, it ain’t worth the energy outlay. He’d already shown that he was unenvolved enough to bring a limp string of spaghetti to a light saber fight – it wouldn’t be entertaining.

*sigh* I have too many sand wroms in my feed.

So, I blocked him, changed my passwords (just in case) and moved on.


  1. First rule of social media: PROTECT YOURSELF!!!

    Generally I do little on social media. I don't have a Faceberg account, and only read the tweets that make it the blogs I read. That seems enough online social interaction for me...

    The second rule of social media: Do unto others as they would do unto you, but do it first...

    I get why you're open to communication, it's been lonely on the for real in-person interactions. Been lonely for me and Cindy T as well. Here's hoping we can return to normal in the next couple of months, Texas be damned. Just got my first vaccine dose yesterday. Had to drive to Salem to get it because Portland is doing it in the cluster-f*ck arena. Didn't mind though. Members of the Natural medical staff were on hand to administer the doses. It was kinda fun, and no reactions so far...

    1. You're absolutely right re: social media. Also, congrats on the vaccine.

      Because of my upcoming BIG surgery, I can't get the vaccine yet, I need to wait until some unknown point down the line. Joy. Not like I'm going out anyway. I feel like the only difference between life now and, later, post vaccine, is that I'll go to the library again and MAYBE get lunch out here and there.

  2. Whoever it was might have had their account hijacked.

    1. I hope that's the case. I HATE the idea of a nurse being so clueless, obnoxious and dim.