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Sunday, November 28, 2021


It’s Sunday. I’ve been home four full days but my dreams are still centered around the damn hospital. This, pretty much, blows. I much prefer my sleepy time movies to be about strange and/or happy adventures, featuring friends, family and/or acquaintances.

Speaking of which, sort of, I’m out of books AGAIN. I’ll have to raid Oni’s collection later. Our tastes are similarish. Maybe I’ll strike gold or, at least, silver.

I’m just about done with my holiday shop fest—more or less—for the moment—give or take. Granted, I’ve done it all online. Ain’t no fucking way I’m going to a crafts show or entering a store. Too many people, too obsessed with shopping madnesss. With my walker, I’m more tippy than
a Roly Poly Clown toy. Sure, I could use my wheelchair but then I’m out of adult eye range. I’d be way too easy to trip over or just walk splat into. Nope, not interested.

Besides, going online is way easier especially for the crowd phobic amongst us (that’d be me, mes amis).

By the by, enochlophobia is the word for crowd fear. Where’s that word come from? It originates from the Greek ochlo meaning "crowd" and phobos meaning "fear". This would make ochlophobia, which is technically the same term as enochlophobia. Neat, huh? I just love etymology— NOT to be confused with entomology, thenkyewveddymuch.   

Have I mentioned, I’m walking as good as I was pre-spine tumor flair up. Not beautifully, not without walker and brace but I AM walking. This is WAY fucking better than before. I can now get back to my brain surgery rehab and hopes.

Pain is less stabby this morning—YEA! It’s not, however, as though I’ve done any exercising or even gone down the stairs yet. We’ll see how all this plays out. I have dreams of walking over to Jen and Oni’s for tea time today.

Last night’s vicious pain was, I believe, all about the chair in which I spent WAY too much damn time. Wheelchairs, mine anyway, aren’t built for comfort—they’re modeled by the Marquis de Sade with sadism being the specific intent.

Imagine now, a Victorian comfy chair with wheels. Oh yeah, that’s it babies! Comfort AND style. Why can’t I have a wheelchair like that, hmmm? 

So, that's today so far. Exhilerating, no?

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