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Sunday, April 21, 2024

"Good" Guys with Props

The other day I commented on a person’s Threads post. The individual had taken a pic of a family sitting near them in a fast food joint. The husband/father, presumably, had a big ol’ handgun strapped at the belt of his cargo shorts and a mean look on his face. Was this a “good guy with a gun” or an angry rage-aholic itching for a excuse to go all ballistic Dirty Harry on the first person who looks at him “funny.”

All I said, addressing the post’s writer, was that they should be careful because the guy was staring at them with a nasty look on his face. What followed was a bunch of tantrum twats calling me names for daring to suggest the idiot showing off his prosthetic penis could be viciously unsafe.

Yeah, I blocked them all. Unsurprisingly, every last one was a white guy. Shocking? Not so much. (Before you get your "Not All White Men" knickers in a twist, I KNOW not all...but there are enough that this segment of humanity is renowned for its inflated egos and out of control, often violent insecurity.) These ever-so-dim, now blocked, boys also chose to mansplain that OF COURSE the gun toter was pissed—someone was taking a snap of him without his permission. Gee, I’m just a little old Vagina American, I NEVER would have thought of that! 

 Did the armed ass (and my commenters) think a cell phone snap is lethal in the same way as his death dealing emotional support sidearm? Maybe it's just me but I’d wager that mister dickless gun fetishist always sports a resting angry-asshole face.

I wonder...if the restaurant is so horrorshow that he can’t enter without a Glock at his hip, WHY is he taking his, supposedly, cherished loved ones there? Hmmmmm?

If he feels he absolutely MUST pack heat when frequenting his local Panera or McDonalds, maybe, just MAYBE, he needs to find less dangerous dining establishments. Possibly invest in psychotherapy as well.

From the Giffords: Courage to Fight Gun Violence blog:

Despite what the gun lobby wants you to believe, the truth is that self-defensive gun use is rare, and that guns are many times more likely to be used for suicide or homicide than they are for self defense. In 2018, for every justifiable homicide with a gun, there were 34 gun homicides, 82 gun suicides, and two unintentional gun deaths.

  • People successfully defend themselves with guns in less than 1% of crimes in which there is contact between a perpetrator and a victim.
  • States with higher rates of gun ownership have higher rates of gun death, confirming the commonsense conclusion that more guns create more opportunities for injury and death, not fewer.
  • An FBI analysis of 160 active shooter incidents from 2000–2013 found that active shooter incidents were rarely stopped by armed individuals who were not law enforcement returning fire. In fact, four times as many shootings were stopped by unarmed civilians restraining the shooter. (source)

Go read the full page and hit the links. Worth it!

 You're a Good Guy with a Gun? That's just an excuse to assuage your feelings of inadequacy with dangerous props.

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  1. Why is it always the big guys that need to carry guns?

    I have slapped cameras out of peoples' hands ...