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Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Sometimes it's best not to know what you are up against; if you are acutely aware of the challenges involved, you'd never do a damn thing. Being clueless is weirdly empowering.
~ Geraldine DeRuiter 

 She makes a tremendously good point but there are limits. I found 'em.

I had another post-dental procedure checkup yesterday. I figured they’d just give my extraction sites a quick once over, tell me I’m doing fine and send me on my way. I mean, the pain’s gone and I’m struggling less with my food intake (in case I hadn’t mentioned it, I have nerve damage that makes chewing, on the left side, a big horking challenge).

Did this bright scenario/all-clear happen? Fuck no!

As my rotten medical luck would have it, there’s one more broken fang (a wisdom tooth, also snapped during my surgery-a-thon of ’20-’21) on the other side of my mouth that needs to come out.

NOW?!  It's gotta come out NOW????!!!

C’MON dear doctors, I already have too damn much on my plate. Can I get a goddamn break here? Jesus Dentition Christ Almighty! Yeah, I kinda didn’t respond to the idea of another spur of the moment extraction with my usual “sure, let’s get it done!” can-do attitude.

Turns out, I can have a wee pause in the dental action. This extraction can wait until after the upcoming brain surgery. Phew and yea.

The good news—my gums are looking better/less swollen than before so I’m now super-officially cleared for May’s brain action. Yippee.

I’d truly like to be clueless BUT, if I was, I’d also be dead by now. The key, I think, is to be aware but not overwhelmed. I’m working on that. I suspect the first step in that direction is cake and Cake.

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