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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Odds and Ends

Monopoly Guy thinks I should be happy that I could spell anything with the bad hand I was dealt
In my Scrabble games, it just kills me when I’ve all the letters to make a spectacular 51 point word but there’s NO place to play the damn tiles (which mock me with their unusable potential).

And WHY in three out of six of the games that I’m playing do I have only vowels?  I mean, c’mon, it’s boring to only be able to play “eau,” “aa” or “oe.” Could I puh-leeze buy a consonant?
Dreamed about preparing to take a weekend road trip up to Maine to see my cousin Gary and his awesome wife, Dawn, in Boothbay Harbor. Jen and I would be joined by Cindy B. and her husband and Jenny and her mate. PARTY! In real life, Cindy’s down in New Jersey and Jenny’s in Arizona but, in the dream, they were all living here in Boston. The plan was to go after we got off work.

It was a snowy, blustery winter evening (even in my dreams I can’t escape this past vile winter!)—Jen and I had decided to walk versus drive. In real waking life, driving would take a solid three and a half hours. Walking? Four days—three if we didn’t stop to sleep much. In this chimera though, it’d be no more than a five hour ramble. Huh.

The last scene, before Rocco leaped onto the bed to tell me it was past time for his brekkie, was me putting on warm socks and boots and taking one last leak for the road. Why, why, WHY was I keen on hiking five hours in the dark, below freezing temps, IN THE SNOW!?

Thank you Rocco—you saved me from the winter of my mind.
Lately, I’m attempting to avoid reading all my usual political blogs AND I’m giving the news the lightest of glances. This won’t last long (maybe not past this morning, if that) but I need to do it.


In the days after The Amazing Bob’s chemo infusions he’s in a delicate-ish state. Heart attacks and other extreme chest pains are common, the norm. We’ve ducked the slings and arrows of outrageous human fallibility just once in the previous four infusions. I’ve, got colossally mammoth hopes that we get a pass this time ‘round the board. Gee duh rilly, Donna? Yes, yes I do.

Toward that end, I’m going for a chill, mellow vibe in da houz. This means no ranting and raging, no railing at the sky. I can do this. It involves lots of deep breathing, stretching exercises and, quite possibly, cake. A Mimosa wouldn’t go amiss either.
Somehow, I’ve fucked up my left quadricep. How I accomplished this is an utter mystery. Possibly it happened in my switch from mall-walking to triking. The old leg muscles are being used differently. I guess. Dunno. I NEED to trike today—my sinuses, brain and body are threatening divorce if I don’t.

Let’s make a deal! I’ll avoid hills and only ride for an hour. When I get back I’ll do all the lovely stretching and strengthening exercises that I’ve learned. I promise. K? Sound good?

Our bodies can be such treacherous, taskmaster-y bastards!

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